Business Game in Galway City


Search for your own business in the Galway City, Ireland!
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Daniel Bucur
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Search for your own business in the Galway City, Ireland!

Business Game in the City is an entertaining arcade game, inspired from real life.
Welcome to Galway, this lovely city in Ireland!
You work for a pizza restaurant and your job is to search for new customers, people that wants pizza.
More people you find, more skills points you gain.
After you complete the skills points needed for this job, you will have a higher level experience.
This is how you will have the ability to work for another company: fast-food, restaurant, clothes shop, jewelry store.
Few jobs with different companies will bring you the possibility to start your own business (your Mall).
Be aware of your un-happy competition (other pizza restaurants). They can steal your potential customers.
You have to get first on the customers.
The map of the city is looking like a labyrinth.
Guide yourself on the streets, using the city map, with easy swipe control.
Enjoy listening the traditional Irish music!
Download the game now and have fun!

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